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Payment methods and Security    Payment methods and Security  Payment methods and Security

Payment by Credit Card. We guarantee that every purchase made on our site is completely secure thanks to SSL, an encryption technology system which masks and protects the data on your credit card. Our online store only uses GlobalSign certified secure servers, which guarantees the highest standard of protection.

Payment via Paypal. You can select PayPal as your chosen method of payment when you checkout.

SHIPPING / SPACE.CAT delivers products domestically (Spain) and internationally using First class Mail Service . We also provide a self pick up in Barcelona for free. International orders are shipped by registered post. This shipping price will be added to your order during the checkout process. All international orders are dispatched within 7 business days and estimated delivery times are between 10-15 working days.

RETURNS & EXCHANGES / If for any reason clients are not satisfied with an order, the item(s) can be returned within 10 working days. In order for you to be refunded, products must be returned to us in a resalable condition, in the original packaging, and accompanied by all instructions for use and accessories. Products must always still have their barcodes and original labels. We reserve the right to accept or refuse returned products which do not satisfy the requirements set out here or which are considered not to be eligible for the return service.

We remind you that Products are returned at your own cost.


SPACECAT PRODUCTION is a design studio working from 2003 and providing creative services in: start-ups and art-directing, interior, space and product design, branding and identity, illustration, wall painting, photography, visual arts.

SPACECAT™ is an art-fashion trade mark patented in Spain from 2015. A new concept design brand created by Russian artist ALLY based in Barcelona. Its about art, travel and love. Born in between the worlds – it unites city fashion, jungle beauty and the functionality of outdoor living in ONE. It comes in seasonal colors and textiles – choose your unique SPACECAT™ design!



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SPACECAT™ is patented in Spain from 2015. All of the Site content, including but not limited to the technical architecture and designs, texts, photographs, illustrations, videos, drawings, models, trademarks, databases, programming etc are the property of SPACE.CAT. Except of comercial products and images created by SPACE.CAT for particular customers. The various brands and logos used on the Site are registered trademarks, the use or reproduction of which would constitute an infringement.

All the rights to use and to reproduce this Content are reserved and subject to the prior and written authorisation of SPACE.CAT owners.

It is only allowed to use site content in promotion purpose, it this case its needed to give credits to SPACE.CAT and put SPACE.CAT reference at all images and publications.


SPACE.CAT is thought to be a connecting point between creativity, production and distribution of art in different forms.

We believe that art is the most powerful communicative language, one that serves to help people understand each other better, be more open and happy.

Our mission is to spread the supreme knowledge through art, connecting experience and patterns of the past with future technologies. Helping people manifest their dreams using artistic tools.


SPACECAT™ is ethical and sustainable fashion. We love nature and try work with natural and raw fabrics such as organic cotton, linen fibers and hemp textile.

The same way in SPACECAT PRODUCTION we mostly use raw structures, recycled wood and other materials for interior and product design. We believe that eco or environmentally friendly manufacturing protects the planet from exploitation and conserves natural resources.

SPACE.CAT products are made from sustainable materials, while waste is reduced through remanufacturing, reuse and recycling.


SPACE.CAT open for collaboration with different artists and designers, who can form a creative team for incoming projects.

Some the most groundbreaking artistic works have resulted when artists with knowledge and experience from distant genres and unrelated forms collide and spark new ideas. Creative magic happens when an artist becomes deeply involved in the technical aspects of the art form in which they are working. Add a creative partner (or two) to the mix and you’ve got enough knowledge and experience to spark a multitude of creative advancements to power a successful partnership.

SPACE.CAT creates overall design projects and gives credits to all artists working together to prevent questions which usually comes up around collaborative projects. Where did the original idea come from? How was it transformed by the conversation? Who had more of a hand in the final execution? The answer to all of the above is, “Who cares?” While artists each deserve fair credit and compensation, openness, humility and commitment to the output or product are most important. We collaborate not because we have to, but because we want to. Even though the overarching mission is simple, the ways that it comes to be expressed are wide-ranging and complex. Together we are able to draw on everyone’s skills, experience and perspective to create products and services that people want.

SPACE.CAT have a final responsibility for the visual style and image, thats why it reserve the right of general overseeing and art-direction of all artistic aspects and others who develop artwork or layouts.


We have a Family card system. Limited amount of our social club members who can get SPACE.CAT products in discount price and also be shortly informed about all our events, campaigns and offers.

Easy and convenient the card allows you to pay for all or a part of your purchases. It can be used one or more times. Payment with the card can be supplemented by another method of payment if necessary. The cards are redeemable online at WWW.SPACE.CAT, and also available for use in our retail stores.


Need the perfect gift and can’t make up your mind? We have a great solution: the SPACE.CAT Family Card.

SPACE.CAT Cards is the perfect instant gift choice and super easy to give! Simply fill out the form with all your details and we’ll take care of the rest. You can choose to give any whole euro amount between €25 and €2000.

The physical gift card will only have any value after its activation in-store.

The digital gift card will only be activated once you have received the order confirmation email.

If lost or stolen, your physical or digital card will not be refunded. No replacement card will be provided.

The amount of the gift card will not be taken into account when calculating the delivery costs.

The Family card is issued/governed by and remains the property of SPACECAT™, which reserves the right to change, decline to issue or withdraw the card or program at any time without any prior notice.