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#SPACE.CAT_ PRODUCTION: BRAND CREATION FROM CONCEPTION TO MATERIALIZATION SPACE.CAT PRODUCTION © is a creative studio working with exclusive products and spaces, building personal and corporate brand identity and style. We realize a whole range of services – from product design and visual identity to building a space for your business. All that should follow one style line. OUR MISSION IS TO MAKE AN ART PIECE FROM EVERYTHING WE DO, using ideas and images that add value, bring comfort and success. Design services we provide:


SPACE.CAT PRODUCTION© works with residential and commercial properties. Aesthetic and functionality are important components of any interior design. It directly affects space productivity, increases merchandise selling and improves a lifestyle. Our services could be provided separately or like a Start Up pack, where we take care of all creative process and assist our clients from choosing a property to opening Doors of their business.


  • Sketch project
  • Design project
  • Decoration
  • Project management and Author supervision


We work with 3D design for a range of items: custom furniture, bar design, uniform design, jewelry, accessories and other products. Apart of aesthetic style solution SPACE.CAT PRODUCTION© uses knowledge of materials, technology and manufacturing methods to design an item and make it easy for industrial production.


  • Sketch Design
  • 3D model
  • Prototype


Once you have product the next step is – packaging. SPACE.CAT PRODUCTION© creates visual identity for your brand and helps patent it on the market if needed. Each design is unique, created for your particular needs and style preferences.


  • Logo design, visit cards, signboard etc
  • Menu, advertising and training materials
  • Illustrations and story boards
  • Web design


Creation of visual content is an essential part of our life and work. We organize creative photo and video shootings in studio and outdoor.

Style is our message to the world. We work with personal and corporate styling and image making. Creating photo and video material for different clients, brands and medias. We see beauty in everyone and help our clients to manifest their better self in a desirable image, as well as create attractive image of your space or product.


  • STYLE LAB: Fashion and Portraits
  • CAT WALKS: Travel and events


Art Director’s job is to help you with realization of your project, using all professional skills and knowledge. To assist you in all creative process and find design and style solutions to create attractive face for your personal brand or business.


  • Design consultations
  • Relooking and Stile coaching
  • Art Direction


Wall painting is a modern version of classic fresco painting (a mural done with watercolors). It is becoming more and more popular form of space deco, making it really special and remarkable. Each painting is uniquely created for a particular space, giving it an exclusivity and artistic touch. We use Latex finish to protect and preserve the art piece.


  • Original acrylic wall painting art
  • Wallpaper print of any size

TO order your design: send us a project request or call +34 663238800

If you are interested in any of SPACE.CAT PRODUCTION © services, please send us a project request with a short description of your project. Since all of our work is performed on a custom basis, the final price depends on specific project details. We will get in touch with you as soon as possible and do our best to make your dream come true.

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