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USAGE: Good for vaping, smoking, edible, food grade.

TASTE & SMELL: Lemon after taste with piney tones, strong citrus scent.

TEXTURE: Is smooth in texture & consistency


  • Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-Anxiety, Anti-depressant, Anti-psychotic
  • Neuroprotector
  • Long lasting energetic and creative effect. Can calm down nerves as well as alergic reactions.



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High quality, solid form hemp derived 60 mg CBD SOLID  (Legal by EU regulations)

Relaxing smoke without the intoxication of the mind, non-psychoactive. Has a bodily, grounding, focusing effect. It creates optimum energy balance in the body, and a centered effect. Infused with Eybna Israeli medical grade cannabis plant profile of SUPER LEMON HAZE, giving the smoke a medicinal value effect of taste & smell.


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