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I believe that Art is the most powerful communicative language, one that helps people to understand each other better, be more open and happy. Creativity is a conscious tool to work with our Mind, that helps us to Re-create the Blue print of our Soul and bring positive long-term changes in our entire life in all levels: material, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. All people can benefit from making Art in whatever manner they choose to practice it. Art therapy process unites Body, Mind and the Soul and reconnect us with our higher Self.


• Discover your Self through Art. Learn about your real Self – your subconscious & conscious through art-making. Access your deepest memories that you are unable to express verbally: images, feelings, emotions, needs, pain and desires. Unlock messages that your subconscious is trying to tell you and release the ones that keep you stuck. Bring them up from the depths of your unconscious into awareness. Into Light.

• RE-Create your Self, awakening your imagination and creativity. Reconcile emotional conflicts, manage behavior and addictions, improve psychological health, cognitive abilities, develop social skills, increase self-esteem, compassion and Self-Love.

• Unlock your full potential. Art therapy will help you to understand the nature of the human Mind and its patterns. Releasing it from physical and subtle impurities and tuning towards Self realization and Enlightenment.


Everyone on the way to personal transformation. As well as people suffering from mental Illnesses: autism / addiction / abuse / personality disorder / anxiety / stress / depression etc.


• Art workshops: dream painting / drawing / sculpture / collage / color-healing / photo therapy etc.

Sacred Geometry: emotional Intelligence / conscious relationships / abundance and self empowerment 

• Alchemy: Divine elements / healing with natural plants / crystals / space harmonizing 

• ART Meditations: mindfulness awareness / solution focused questions / shadow work


To book your Art Therapy session: W/a +34 663 23 88 00

*no skills or art background required