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Healthy hair and scalp. For all hair types.

Good to wavy hair and colour treated. Restores moisture, bounce and builds volume without the frizz. CBD helps strengthen hair and prevents breakage, maintain a healthy scalp and encourage new growth. Removes all dirt and oil build-up on the scalp and on the hair strands. Plant derived surfactants keep the cuticle layer of the hair smooth to reduce tangle and frizz.

Pea protein, Amino-acids and Vitamin B for gorgeous healthy hair. Great spreadability and foaming. Enhanced wet combing of hair and frizz reduction. Maintains pH balance of hair, to ensure hair maintains its strength and natural shine. Biodegrade-able.


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USE: Any time of your daily cleansing routine.

INCI: Water / Hydrosol, Hydrolyzed pea protein (surfactant), Surfactant blend (plant based & renewable sources), Glycerin, Vitamin B, Xanthan gum (thickener), Wheat protein (anti- static, protein, conditioner – does not build-up on the hair), Silicone replacement (for softness and shine – plant based), Lipo amino- acids, Yucca extract, Preservative (green), Anti-oxidant, pH regulator, Linden blossom fragrance, Lemon fragrance, Hemp oil, CBD (Cannabidiol).

For external use only. Eco-Friendly. Cruelty free. Dermatologically tested. Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dark place.

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