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Our delivery policy

The address that the consumer gives SPACE.CAT will be considered the place of delivery.

SPACE.CAT will execute accepted orders expeditiously but no later than within 30 days, unless a longer period has been agreed. If delivery is delayed or if a delivery cannot or can be partially executed, the consumer will be notified of this no later than 30 days after the order was placed. In that case, the consumer has the right to terminate the contract at no additional cost and is entitled to compensation.

In the event of termination according to the previous paragraph, SPACE.CAT must pay the amount that the consumer paid as soon as possible but no more than thirty days after termination.

If delivery of an ordered product appears to be impossible, SPACE.CAT will endeavor to make a replacement product available. At least before delivery, it will be clearly and understandably mentioned that a replacement product will be delivered. The costs of a possible return shipment are made at the expense of SPACE.CAT.

The risk of damage and / or loss of products rests with SPACE.CAT until the moment of delivery to the consumer. If you receive a damaged product, you must inform by email within three days to the following email address – info@space.cat


Our return policy

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can process a return if it fits within the following criteria:


Unjustified reason

In the event that for any reason you want to make a return of a product without justification, you can do so within the first 48 hours after receiving it. You must write an email to info@space.cat and mention your desire to return for unjustified reasons. SPACE.CAT will respond to you as soon as possible, never exceeding 30 days. You will need to send the product back for SPACE.CAT to review it. This return is not possible with products that have been opened and therefore their seal is broken. Keep in mind that you will bear all the costs, both for the return shipment, and the costs generated by the reverse bank transfer.

Products damaged in transit / arrival

If your goods were damaged in transit, we will ask you to inform us within three days of receipt. If goods are visibly damaged upon receipt, it is best to accept delivery. Once the products have been collected and shipped back to our store, we will give you a full return or new products. To report said damaged product, you must send an email to info@space.cat with a report that includes photographs of the affected product. The expenses will be borne by SPACE.CAT.

Defective products within the warranty period

Not all products have a guarantee, before proceeding inform yourself by writing an email to info@space.cat

If you are reporting damaged products after twenty-eight days of receipt, as long as your product is within its warranty period, you have the right to a warranty repair. In some cases producers offer a full service on a site or a phone number to facilitate help at your convenience, we recommend using them to repair as soon as possible. This does not affect your claim rights against us if the goods are not in accordance with the contract and the manufacturer does not repair or replace the product or offer you an alternative.

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