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We create exclusive spaces and products with ideas and images that add value and bring success. 



Alyona Tverskaya (Ally) is the creative director and founder of SPACE.CAT. She is a professional designer with main showroom and studio in Barcelona. Established on fundamental principles of material creation such as golden ratio, color and forms theory, she works beyond any particular tradition or style. Focusing on functionality and simplicity through the use of basic geometrical forms and patterns. Connecting experience of the past, todays vision and future technologies. Her formula is: “If you can design one thing, you can design everything. The point is not what to create, but the message behind it”. That is reflected in broad range of her art projects.

• STUDY: INDUSTRIAL AND PRODUCT DESIGN / Bauhaus, Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry / 2007 /// EXPERT IN MODERN ART / Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art / 2009

• AWARDS: FILM ART DIRECTION WORK / Shapito-Show movie, Moscow International film festival, 2011 /// CLUB START UP WORK / Time Out Design awards, Saint Petersburg, 2012

SPACECAT PRODUCTION © is a design studio working from 2003 and focused on different startups of products, brands and spaces.

SPACECAT™ is a trademark of our exclusive design products.

All our projects are unique. We build each one of them like a piece of art. Ally creates overall design project, unites the team and supervises. Thanks to the ability to conceptualize ideas, think visually and have a methodical approach to work, she can see the broader picture in mind and co-ordinate effectively. Together, drawn on everyone’s skills, experience and perspective – we are able to create products and services that all people want.

SPACE.CAT open for collaboration with different artists and designers, who can form a creative team for incoming projects.

services we provide

Any project starts from the concept. After it is charge to a sole Art Director to supervise and unify the vision, realize set and location design for shooting or special event. Oversee the artistic aspects in theater, film, television, fashion, publishing and other media productions. An Art Director is someone who is responsible for the visual style and the whole image, creating the overall project design and directs others who develop the artwork or layouts. During production, the Art Director oversees the construction, dressing and striking (dismantling) of all sets. On small productions Art Director also monitors every scene as it is shot. He is also responsible for the work schedule and of making the best use of the art department budget as well as providing practical answers to construction and decorating problems.

SPACE.CAT focuses on unique product and space design projects.  The process of creation is always intense and complex. We can divide it into 3 steps: first is study of it’s potential, functions and logistic. Here many factors will be taken into consideration: dimensions, ergonomic, building technology, practical issues such as easiness of access, amount of light, acoustics, seating and places to store, environmental issues, health and safety aspects, attention to special needs and more.

Second step is to find a style solution. Aesthetics and style are important components of any interior design project, what directly affect space productivity, increase merchandise selling or improve a lifestyle. Finally, the creation of Project design itself, what usually includes: work drawings, photographs and specifications. Creation of illustrations, renderings and 3d visualizations. Selection of the elements, furniture and materials from the visual (color, lighting, form) to the tactile (surface, shape, texture). Preparing all working documentation for constructors and suppliers with necessary measurements and plans: demolished and erected walls, ceiling plan, floor plan, electrical plan and so on.

Project management and author supervision during the construction period are additional services that we can provide on a case by case basis if so requested.

SPACE.CAT involves professional contractors for the following engineering works:

  • engineering and constructions
  • ventilation and air conditioning
  • sanitary project
  • heating project
  • electric and low current projects
  • fire and signaling system project

One more service SPACE.CAT provides is the Space Decoration. It is an element of an interior designe project. Decoration work includes creation of style and sketch project, selection of the aesthetic element of a space and wall-coverings, paint, furnishings, lighting and other materials to increase the beauty of the environment. We supply decorative elements, or produce it by orden, and set up the space with our decorators team. The difference with entire design project is that decoration does not include construction.

We do decoration for exclusive interior and outdoor spaces: houses, apartments, offices, shops, bars, clubs… Also it can be impermanent decoration such as expo stands, photo sets, stage deco etc.

One of our favorite decoration tool, because it radically transform and enhances the space, it is Wall painting. A modern version of classical fresco painting – a mural done with watercolors on wet plaster, is becoming a more and more popular form of space deco for people who want to make their interior really unique and remarkable.  

SPACE.CAT is realizing wall painting by custom order. Each paintings is unique, created for a particular space. It should fits organically to each case, that’s why the first step is to choose style and create the sketch for future wall art. After that we do direct painting using diverse artistic technics: drawing, rolling painting or stencil. The paints we applied to a wall surface are multifunctional and can be used for interior or external, chill out spaces or outdoor. We use Latex protection rolled-on finishings to protect art and give it long life.

Any of the successful businesses has something unique.. wall art is a perfect and economy solution to personalize, enhance the sense of life’s energy and give it soul.

To keep projects on track SPACE.CAT offers services of “author supervision” and “project management” thus ensuring design implementation over the entire period of construction. We organize regular visits to the construction site which enables us to ensure that construction work is done in conformity with the designs. We help builders, manufacturers and suppliers to understand the essence of the design decisions and provided documentation. We purchase the products, design and manage fabrication of custom details, furnishings and lighting. We monitor the installation of interior elements. In addition, under the author’s supervision, we advise customers choice of finishing materials, furniture, lighting, floor and wall coverings, tiles, sanitary ware, decoration works of art, accessories, selection of textiles and others.

An important part of supervision work is the control of the budget and project documentation: setting up the delivery schedule and materials procurement, invoice payments, acceptance and validation of materials delivered to the facility, quality and compliance of applied technologies and materials used. Acceptance and inspection of contractors works.

And needless is to say that really original spaces are build when the author is overseeing all details with a personal vision and artistic touch.

In our SPACE.CAT studio we create and produce first samples as well as the unique designs. It’s an art laboratory where we have facilities to work almost with all kinds of materials and textiles to create a prototype and present it to the customer in a short period of time. At this stage it’s easy to make changes and improve the design of the product we are working on.

When client and designer are completely satisfied with the prototype, a final sample is approved and signed, we send it to the production lines with the necessary equipment. We work with plenty of production companies that have experience in building any kind of products. From custom furniture to jewelry and accessories.

We control the quality and timing of product manufacturing and supply final product to the client.

Visual identity is very important part of self realization in contemporary world. SPACE.CAT is playing the role of a visual communicator, building visual concept, creating unique name, symbol (logo) and visual style that identifies and differentiates your product from others on the market.

We present a full graphic design package, branding and visual identity materials. Develop design content that convey a recognizable message on behalf of their clients for any kind of products or spaces, through the use of typography, photography, design, illustration, using hand drawing or digital tools. We work fully aware of branding goals of establishing a significant and differentiated presence in the market that attracts and retains loyal customers.

A graphic design piece can be used for any published or electronic media.

In Illustration projects SPACE.CAT combines drawing, sketching, collage, painting and photographic creative skills to develop ideas and produce original visual images for a wide range of products such as: books and publishing issues illustrations / educational, training and reference materials / instruction manuals, leaflets and sales brochures / greetings cards, giftware and packaging / advertising materials, posters and catalogues / magazines and newspapers / television or film animations and storyboards / computer games, websites and mobile phone visuals / wall prints and deco.

The working process of illustration creation includes: developing visual ideas that suit the brief, seeking client approval for ideas with draft visuals – this stage may involve going back to the drawing board several times to rework sketches, adapt their style, if needed, by using creativity and imagination.

Photography is a essential part of our life and art work. SPACE.CAT collaborates only with professional photographers taking fashion, artistic, advertising, travel and event photography. Definition and nature of the photographer’s work combine the artistic talent and technical skill of using different cameras, lenses and also a wide knowledge of composition, color theory and light.

To create magnificent art or fashion photoshoots we build artistic photo sets or organize exterior shooting in beautiful locations. When the primary focus is to advertise product or service itself, we work in our photo studio.

For portraits, fashion, advertising, events, commercial photography and other needs do not hesitate to contact us.

Video is one more contemporary art tool of self expression. One more option to create your “media image”. Today open-mindedness to alternative distribution schemes made it possible to almost everyone to make his own campaigns of internet promotion using video and graphic materials.

If you want exclusive art video, SPACE.CAT can help you with it. We produce a wide range of art, fashion, promotional, training or marketing video materials by doing full production cycle: art-directing, choosing location or building deco set if necessary, creating storyboard, organizing shooting and making postproduction editing. The final video clip can be expanded into any multimedia formats.

One more video services we provide is Life VJ art work. It is a great visual solution for contemporary stage performances, life shows, festivals and club spaces.