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Is a technology of consciousness. Life might be seen as a chaos only by ignorant one, who still need time to maintain asleep… As soon as you start to awaken – you see the synchronicities, patterns and the perfection of every moment and event in your life. Does not matter how do you call the Creator, according to your cultural background and your level of consciousness – Light, Space, Higher Source, Big Spirit, Quantum physics etc.. – the God does exist and use the Sacred Geometry as a template to create literally everything from nature to music. Is the ultimate truth with what Universe is creating itself, the matrix behind the illusory material world and the key to Enlightenment. It was reflected in all religions and spiritual teachings on Earth through patterns and symbols during all human history. From a snail’s shell to the Earth spiraling around the sun as we travel through space, all follows the Golden Rule of creation – the Fibonnaci sequence. It describes a sequence that starts with two 1’s, and every number afterward is the sum of the two previous numbers (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, and so on). These spirals relate to everything from the shape of our very DNA to how energy flows through our chakras. Human mind hardly can process the numerical perfection this Universe is created by the Divine… But Art can take these combination of learning about the shapes, colors, symbols and numbers to practical level – manifesting Beauty and Harmony in the material world. The Beauty is functional and when we understand how it works and learn to live in accordance with these sacred principles, we connect short circuits of our mind (logic and intuition) – into The Union and enter a state of abundance and receptivity. We find the Middle way. The energy starts to move through our body right way, activating the power to create and manifest consciously. We become energetic architects and empowered co-creators of our reality.

If you’re curious to see sacred geometry play out before your eyes, simply take a walk in nature. “Natural patterns are all around us. Look into the center of a sunflower. A snowflake. You are observing, feeling, or responding to repeating vibrations and patterns of energy. The living spiral of a nautilus shell or the horn of a sheep, the interlocking hexagons of a beehive, the underground formation of crystals, the spin of a spider’s web, and the formations of migrating birds — these are all designs and patterns that are so much more than an aesthetic. Not only can sacred geometry be seen in nature, but it can be heard in music, too. There’s a reason the blending of certain notes in music sounds harmonious, while the wrong note can quickly turn a chord into a cacophony. What we hear are vibrations, and those vibrations can be measured mathematically. The fascinating research on sound healing and sound baths demonstrates how musical vibration can affect our physiology.

“God geometrizes” – Platon



Everything is connected. Nothing in the Universe is in isolation. Every living creature including Human body has toroidal energy field that connects us to the infinite eternal source and maintains all elements within it. Vibration of certain frequency produced shapes of specific geometry Nets that unite all in the quantum field. Changing the shape and patterns of the Net – you can change the matter.


Nothing rests in the Universe. Everything flows in and out in its Rhythm. Everything moves and vibrates. Vibration of your body and mind gonna dictate what you attract. You will feel connected or pushed away from different spaces, according to your vibration compatibility. When you put your self in the specific frequency – it gonna change the reality you experience. You can rise your vibration throw different activities, spiritual practices, arts, music, environments etc.. moving from victim=slave mind state to the creator=king – one, who control his peace incide, does not matter what happen in the external world.


Material world is dual and gender manifests in all planes. Everything has pole and his pair of oposite – Masculine and Feminine principles. Since our bodies come through our parents, we have the inner polarity of Masculine and Feminine energies in our bodies. Only in Union of both of them with God material world does appear. Sometimes it takes time to recognize and balance them within ourselves… to be able, finally, to build happy conscious relationships in our family life, work and creative expression… Sacred Geometry helps to discover their unique qualities, desires or what they like to do in life through different exercises, meditation and practices.


*electric, thinking, taking action, initiative, stable, secure, protective, highly present, strong leadership without force and control, providing, giving, courageous, assertive, logical, decisive, pupose-driven, reliable, respected, confident, grounded, focuced, disciplined, hard outside – fragile inside, plus, expanding, exhale, sharp, angular, hight, vertical, strong, hot, Sun, Mind, right, day, external / social activities, intense, hormon Testosterone / Adrenaline, competitive. Natural needs: being free and being needed, being himself.


*intuitive, highly spiritual, feeling, magnetic, radiant, healing, nurturing, compassionate, loving, creating, inspiring, vulnerable, expressive, speaking Truth, opened, surrendered, relaxed, trusting, patient, supportive, empathetic, formless, flowing, feelings/relationships/family oriented, abundant, fiertile, wise, virtuous, soft outside – strong inside, menus, receiving, retention, inhale, joyful, curved, circular, low, horizontal, cold, night, Moon, Heart, left, inner activities, hormons Oxytocin / Extragen, cooperative, space / state / process. Natural needs: being safe/provided, feel intimacy and gratefulness.


Connecting circle’s centers of Fruit of Life we find out the METATRON CUBE – the main energetic chip of human DNA. It is the origin of all basic geometrical shapes, building blocks that make up our world. Sacred geometry teaches us the spiritual meaning of those shapes and the energy they bring to the space:


*BALANCED → health, connection with nature, balanced, practical and responsible, have orden and patience, stable, grounding and safe, neat

*EXCESS OR DEFICIT → no structure, disordered, impatient, uncommitted, too routine, any kind of obsessions and attachments: pleasure / food / sex / job / material values etc


*BALANCED → emotions, connections, family, sensitive, empathic, intuitive, clarity, flowing, like change, adaptive

*EXCESS OR DEFICIT → cold, insensitive, too vulnerable, stuck in the past and victimhood, over controller, no empathy, fearful, doubtful


*BALANCED → personal grow, perfect communicative, intellectual and analytical, philosophical, open minded, creative, proactive, excelent master and student because know how to talk and listen, free, truthful, flexible

*EXCESS OR DEFICIT → live in the future and fantasy, bed communication skills, lying, desinformation, dont listen, act without thinking


*BALANCED → live with purpose and meaning, intuitive, spiritual, courage, decided, inspiring, valuing, know to say Yes and No

*EXCESS OR DEFICIT → too impulsive, strong character to control, conflictive, does not know limits, discouragement, cowardice, disilussion, impotency, disability, disvalue


Tune in with the Divine Nature sustained in Love


The Seed of Life is a group of 7 overlapping circles that unify in the form of a flower. It represents 7 days of creation, 7 dimensions, 7 colors, 7 emotions, 7 notes etc. This is the initial fractal, from which every other shape is created. The Egg of Life is a 3 dimensional form of the Seed of Life – shape of a human embryo and every living thing on Earth after conception. As Above so Below. The pattern is repeating itself to the infinity that can be seen on a macro and micro level, from our cells structure to the stars astral system. Fruit of Life contains 13 circles. Flower of Life – 19. Circle itself represents oneness a never-ending loop of life.



The interconnection of 7 spheres of Seed of Life creates the geometrical shape of 10 energy packs (Sefirot) called Tree of Life. This is the Blue print of human Soul. As within – so without. Healing one Tree of Life fractal within you – will automatically reflect it in all levels of your life: material, emotional, intellectual and spiritual. So… the hole process of human evolution and search for Enlightenment comes to these 10 points and ability to recognize = bring in Light, unpack and balance this 10 energy points. Letting the devine energy flow throw you without limitations and blocks. Transforming carbon being into the Cristal consciousness.

Lets go through all of them one by one:


*BALANCED state of this sphere give birth to emotions like → crown of light, connection with Divine Source, note Do, planet Neptun

*DESBALANCED (klipot) → disconnection from Divine, materializm


*BALANCEDwisdom, feeling purpose of life, meditation, knowledge, right brain, planet Urano, color dark Blue, Father, Miquel, Adam, note Re

*DESBALANCED → feeling disconnected from reality, ungrounded


*BALANCED understanding, left brain, awareness, awe, spiritual love, faith, emotional intelligence, analis, scheme, organization, orden, time and form, power of imagination, Saturn, Gabriel, joy, Shabbat, planet Saturn, color Green, Eva – Hava, note Mi

*DESBALANCED dogmatism, jealousy, comparing to others, frustration, confusion, boredom, results only search



*BALANCEDkindness, bondad, mercy, giving, courage, paternal wisdom, empathy, loyalty, right shoulder, planet Jupiter, color Blue, Uriel, Abraham, Thursday, note Fa

*DESBALANCED → giving too much, losing value, being exhausted, feeling guilt


*BALANCED receptivity, power, receiving, will, desire, routine, discipline, boundaries, limits, justice, active energy, left shoulder, planet Mars, color Red, Samael, Tuesday, Isaac, note Sol

*DESBALANCED → fear, over use of power, dictatorship


*BALANCED → Self, peace, harmony, truth, self love, balance between independence and love, devotion, heart, calmness, confidence, patience, compassion, Rafael, Jacob, Sunday, Sun, color Yellow

*DESBALANCED → pride, feeling I am better then others, narcissism, egoism, loneliness and feeling of abandonment


*BALANCED → perseverance, continuity, endurance, eternity, prevail, lasting emotions, loyalty, ambition to win and concur, determination, emotional relation, artistic expression, trust, pleasure, circles, vibration, rithm, Raziel, planet Venus, color Pink, Friday, Moshe, note La

*DESBALANCED hedonism, rejecting pleasure and extasis


*BALANCED → shine, honor, triumph, humility, humbleness, sincerity, majesty, language, listening, relations, energy, sinceridad, reflective intelligence, modesty, admiration, acceptance, splendor, Tzadkiel, planet Mercury, color Violet, Aaron, Wednesday, note Si

*DESBALANCED → dirty language, disinformation, lie


*BALANCEDfundament, connectivity, belonging, bonding, sex, intimacy, union, Moon, color Orange, patterns

*DESBALANCED → becoming extrovert to hide from self inner work



*BALANCED → all of the above manifested in physical world, matter, body, temple, kingdom, planet Earth, color Black, David, Rahel, action, presence, service, note Do

*DESBALANCED → attachment to material tings or rejecting matter

There are 22 connections between Spheres, called path to enlightenment. The cosmic intelligences. They correspond to 22 hebrew letters, tarot and 22 psychological aspects that one should develop within:

0. Willpower. Devotion. Patience. Acceptance. Am I patient with me or I demand too much?

1. וֹ. Impulse. Will of action. Initiative. Am I firm or postpone because of daily things?

2. Presence. Expansion of consciousness. Intuition. Mysticism. Trust. Faith. Do I listen to my intuition?

3. Understanding. Interpretation. Synthesis.

4. The discipline. Authority. Rule and power. Leadership with ourselves. Are we in balance within our two columns?

5. Unconcern. Illusion. Joy. Do we enjoy our inner child or do we hide it?

6. Understanding. Idea in development. Independence. Detachment. Do we work or leave it at Stand by because the everyday things.

7. Adulthood. Obligation. Responsibility. Ambition. Are we adults and responsible for our actions?

8. א. Universe laws. Reason plus balance. Love. Order. Summing. Discernment. Morality. Equanimity.

9. Introspection. The solitude. Prudence. Looking in. Do I find these moments of introspection? Do I analyze my Self?

10. Change. Movement towards the future. Are we willing to give way to the future?

11. Outgoing. Social. Look out without judging.

12. Acceptance of my past. Stillness. Immobility. Do i attach to the past for illusory comfort? Can I accept the changes?

13. Emotional intelligence. Every repeated emotion we continue to learn. Forgiveness.

14. Empathy. Flexibility. Am I flexible with me or do I still punish me and have stuck ideas?

15. Remember the information. Memory. The concrete mind. Sacred Geometry base.

16. Perseverance. Overcoming. Learning of Universal laws. Will to move on.

17. נ. Creativity. Individualism. We are creative individuals. Sexual stimulus. What we created we have also thought about.

18. Artistic expression. Sensuality. Emotivity. Direct action through my emotion, to be able to express it.

19. ל. Cooperation. Teamwork. Learning. Sexual union.

20. Mental expression. Teaching. Communication. Do I Express what I feel?

21. Expansion of consciousness. Decision. Action. Culmination.


The Light is always there…. the Universe is only saying Yes to all of our dreams. Its us, who close the “doors” of our Tree of Life, because of our ignorance, harmful actions and painful experiences in the past… life after life.. creating a lot of confusion.. The thing is.. does not matter do we believe it or not, do we know about it or not – that “Laws of Creation” affect each one of us and understanding it is the only key out of suffering. So.. How can you use this key in your daily life?

Easy! Simply watching and meditating on Sacred Geometry patterns is already affecting your mind in positive way, cleaning it from stuck impressions, connecting you with higher consciousness and aligning your life with the divine nature. Learning the fundamentals of Sacred Geometry will deepen your understanding of the world we live in and the natural laws that govern it. Studding the principles of Beauty, composition and Golden rule of creation will give you the key to all of the crafts skills that exist. Once you allow your potential and creative energy flow within you, the external reality will also be affected and change naturally.

To go even more deeper – you can introduce Sacred Geometry in your life through using these symbols in fashion as clothes patterns, jewelry and talismans as I do. As well as you can harmonize your space and energies, using Sacred Geometry principles in interior design and decoration.

So many spiritual practices can be amplified by sacred geometry. Even certain yoga poses themselves allow us to get our bodies into geometrical forms that allow for energy flow. To activate these states, balance elements and polarity within you, re-connect with feeling of Oneness – start to meditate with Sacred Geometry symbols, such as platonic solids, pyramid, crystals, Sri Yantra etc. Here is one of them that help you to build and activate your Light Body:



Preparation phase: find a quiet, comfortably zone for a meditation. Place your favorite crystals and other symbols around your safe place. Sit in lotus posture with a hand rested on each knee so that you form a pyramid with your body. Take a moment to settle into this shape. Close your eyes. Stabilize your breath through full circle pranayama workout. Become an observer of your feelings and emotions without evaluation. Focus on 3 basic thoughts that turn mind towards liberation and enlightenment: 1 – We remember Impermanence of everything composite. Only the unlimited, clear Space of mind is lasting. 2 – We understand causality, that its up to us what will happen. Our former thoughts, words and actions became our present state, and right now we are sowing the seeds for our future. 3 – Enlightenment is timeless highest bliss and we are grateful to have all conditions now to work with mind.

Building phase. With your third eye, draw two golden interconnected tetrahedron around your body, forming your MER-KA-BAH (light-spirit-body) energy field. Spin Male/Sun/Electric tetrahedron clockwise to charge your energy centers and connect you do Higher dimensions. Recognize and appreciate masculine principles within you and all your father ancestors afford to bring you till here. Then spin Female/Earth/Magnetic 20% slower in counterclockwise direction. It will serve to ground and balance the higher frequencies that you are calling into physical reality. Appreciate mother lineage work that was done from beginning of the times. Once you feel the alignment of this activation – it starts to discharge any stagnant or blocked energy in your body and activate your true mission in life. Keep spinning your MER-KA-BAH and allow the energy symbol to carry you.

Visualization. Take some time reflecting on what you’re seeking right now and visualize that above your head in the higher consciousness state. Remember that you are made of light and feel channel of white light, coming through all of your body. See bright white light, entering your crown and enlightening your brain. Going down to your heart, enlightening your heart. Down to ligado – enlightening ligado. And then back up to heart, brain and back. Repeat full circle of enlightening BRAIN – HEART – LIGADO as many time as you can sustain all visualization together. Allow it to wash over you and be absorbed into your organs and every cell in your body.

Finishing phase. In last circle stop light in your brain – see the light opening your head and fountaining out of your body all around you, enlightening all planet and all beings in it. Take six deep breaths in through your nose, drawing the breath down through your spine and up through your solar plexus and heart, out through your mouth.

DEDICATION. We try to keep good impression that appeared after this meditation in all life situations. For the benefit of all beings. Feel gratefulness to yourSElf for this practice.