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Animal Food Supplement (22 mg CBD)


  • Non-active (not decarboxylated)
  • Non-GMO, organically grown (BIO)
  • each pellet 0.25 gram of raw certified EU Industrial Hemp containing 22 mg of CBD
  • Contains protein, fiber and fatty acids of a very high nutritional value plus some potentially immune-modulating substances.
  • Can be fed alone to livestock or with mixed with animal food for pets

Product ID: 9861

Under EU regulations of max THC content.

Hemp acts as a nutritional uptake catalyst which enables the livestock (cows, pigs etc.) to gain lean muscle mass.

  • Hemp  is a bioactive resource for pigs.
  • The animals actually utilize more of their feed. They digest more of it, which means the farmer is getting more out of his feed. Bigger Pigs, cattle, poultry.
  • Hemp-fed livestock are antibiotic, steroid and hormone free.
  • Hemp-fed livestock taste better too.
  • The commercial utilization of hemp products can reduce piglet mortality by 1.5 pigs per litter and that of diseases and thus the consumption of antibiotics.

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