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The power to imagine – is the power to create. Energies patterns and the field creates matter. The “Concept” coming before any visible activity and going further then physical value. The space shuttle launch metaphor informs us of the decisions behind the idea, the feel, the look and the messaging. Its about evoking the right emotion and adding substance, Soul and awareness to design. Direct the art on this stage is fundamental like building the Golden Ratio grid system for your project materialization. CREATIVE DIRECTOR Is the vital role in start ups and it is the highest creative position in any art industries such as film production, advertising, graphic design, music, video game or fashion. They must be able to guide the creative department effectively from start to finish. That usually includes the copywriter, art director, designer, photographer, project manager, programmer and anyone else involved in the project. As well as being in constant contact with the client to understand their need. Creative director generally has the final say on what gets delivered to the client and, in many cases, become partner or CEO of the company. They are the decision makers who are responsible for the look and quality of the finished product. Creative director needs to possess Design and Fine arts degree. This literally takes years of education and practice.


After the concept has been created, Art director executes a strategy, concept and idea provided by the Creative director. Oversees all artistic layouts and chooses a photographer, an illustrator, models, and any props necessary for the team. He is mostly responsible for creating the “look and feel” of the project, working hand to hand with copywriter, that provides textual content.


Is a problem solvers focused on the technical execution of an idea or concept. They oversee the entire team and almost all aspects of the production process, that involves the knowledge of technologies and how they’re used. They are coordinating among different departments in order to move a project towards success. They need to know what everyone on the team does and why. Art director is concerned with the strategy behind that execution, while project manager is more concerned with execution itself.


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