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#ALLY_ SPACECAT #ALLY_ SPACECAT is the founder and creative director of SPACE.CAT®. She is a multidisciplinary artist working with 3D design and visuals. Her art services:


I am the founder and creative director of SPACE.CAT®. I am a multidisciplinary artist working with 3D design and visuals. Thanks to industrial design education background my work is established on fundamental principles of creation such as golden ratio and the color and forms theory. My style based on a constructivist tradition of Bauhaus that focuses on functionality and simplicity through the use of basic geometrical forms and patterns. Connecting experience of the past, today’s vision and future technologies. My inspiration comes from Nature and Space.

SPACECAT is my artistic name for already more than 10 years. It tuned into SPACE.CAT® after i moved to Barcelona and patented my personal brand in 2015. Love cats and CATalonia:)

Creation is my passion. Creativity is the quality that you bring to any activity you do. Its an energy, an attitude that helps increase beauty in this world. It can be practical. I work creating brand identity for clients from all over the World. For successful companies, brand equity is the most valuable asset they own. I realize a whole range of brand design services – from concept, product design and visual identity to building a space for your business. All that should follow one style line. My mission is to make an art piece from everything I do and help my clients to achieve success. I create overall design projects, unite the team and supervise. Thanks to the ability to conceptualize ideas, think visually and have a methodical approach to work, I can see a broad picture in mind and coordinate effectively. I realize projects one by one, working on booking base. My formula is: «The point is not what to create, but the message behind it».

• STUDY: INDUSTRIAL AND PRODUCT DESIGN / Stroganov Moscow University of Arts and Industry /// EXPERT IN MODERN ART / Moscow Institute of Contemporary Arts

• AWARDS: FILM ART DIRECTION WORK ON SHAPITO-SHOW MOVIE / Moscow International film festival /// O.G.I. CLUB START UP WORK / Saint Petersburg


I create illustrations that can be used for a wide range of digital and published products: magazines, posters, flaers, books, teaching materials, storyboards, animations etc. I use different art techniques such as: drawing, painting, collage, digital art etc to create art.

Depending on the purpose illustration can be realized in expressive, realistic or highly technical way.


Is a modern version of classic fresco painting. It is becoming a more popular form of space deco, making it really special and remarkable. Each painting is uniquely created for a particular space, giving it an exclusivity and artistic touch. We use a Latex finish to protect the art piece.

Also you can order wallpaper print online any size from our ART SHOP.


When you are painting or doing any other creative activity, your brain enters into a meditative state. Allowing you to stay in the here and now. It is a healing process, helping you release your daily stresses and worries. If you always wanted to express yourself through art, I can help you with that!

We customize your program, and timetable by request. 


Is a performance created for different events, clubs and stages. It can be accompanied by an art exhibition, gift shops, body art shows, workshops etc. If you want to add colors to your event feel free to contact me any moment. For artist willing to collaborate in show – feel free to contact us any moment!

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If you are interested in any of our art services, please send us a request with a short description of your project. Since All of our work is performed on a custom basis, the final price depends on specific project details.

ART GALLERY coming as postcards 13x13 sm / posters 40x40 sm / wallpaper

Here are my 4 art series, made in different art techniques: drawing, painting, digital art and photography. I call it: «SPACE art from CATalonia». I believe that art is the most powerful communicative language, one that helps people to understand each other better, be more open and happy. Apart of practical and aesthetic values such as creation of material objects (products, interiors, books, decorations etc), I see Art also as a tool to work with our mind, to clean it through forms and symbols and open to the non-materialistic dimension.


«MIND INFOGRAPHIC» is a classical black and white drawings technic series. A way to transmit a positive message in a playful form.


«SPACE ART» is an original acrylic golden painting coming as 100 x 100 sm. I work with sacred geometry and use symbols from different cultures and times in my art work.


«DREAMLAND» is an art series born combining different digital tools and art techniques. Here I use my photography, sketching, collaging etc to create original visual content.

«Magic world series» travel photography

«MAGIC WORLD» is a series of my photo shoots from visiting different countries and cultures. It shows the beauty of our world and its inhabitants.

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