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@ALLY.SPACE.CAT Is my artistic name for already more then 20 years. With name ALLY© I realize all my art projects and SPACE.CAT® – is Fashion & Beauty brand I design.

I am a multidisciplinary Artist, Designer and Creative Director with Russian roots, based in Thailand. Creation is my passion. I believe that Creativity is the quality that you bring to any activity you do. Its an energy, an attitude that helps increase beauty in this world. From 2003 I work, creating unique products and spaces for exclusive clients worldwide. Helping people to materialize their dreams, using artistic tools. Developing conscious projects that lead to personal transformation, improving life quality and expanding Love, Beauty and Harmony on this planet.

My style based on a constructivist tradition of Bauhaus and Sacred Geometry. That focus on functionality and simplicity through the use of basic geometrical forms and patterns. Connecting experience of the past, today’s vision and future technologies. Using organic shapes and materials, coming from my inspiration in Nature and Space.

I create overall design projects, unite the team and supervise. Thanks to the ability to conceptualize ideas, think visually and have a methodical approach to work, I can see a broad picture in mind and coordinate effectively. I realize projects one by one, working on booking base. My formula is: The point is not what to create, but the message behind it. My mission Is to make an art piece from everything I do, using ideas and images that add value, bring comfort and success. For the benefit of all.


Combination of this words is very powerful for me and inspires me a lot in my creative work..

SPACE – is connecting me to imagination, dreams that becomes real and infinite creative force of this Universe. Space is empty and at the same time full of possibilities, where only limit for creation is you, your profesional skills and knowledge. Is that fifth element, that bring sense and Soul to your interior and exterior spaces.

CATS – from old times were recognized as connectors between spiritual and material worlds. They can perceive and transform the energy even before it materializes. Cats clean from low vibes and bring harmony to the space. Maybe thats why in Russia people still follow this tradition: Getting a new house, first – let cat come in! 





Feel free to contact me for any enquires: 

✍ W/a +34 663 23 88 00