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Tired of boring interior? Do not worry! Space Art prints will bring uniqueness and artistic touch to your space, making really special and remarkable.

Here are 4 my series, made in different art techniques: drawing, painting, digital art and photography. Apart of practical and aesthetic values such as creation of material objects (products, interiors, books, decorations etc), art is also a conscious tool to work with our space and mind, harmonizing it through different forms and symbols and open to the non-materialistic dimension. You can buy art prints at ART SHOP.

I believe that art is the most powerful communicative language, one that helps people to understand each other better, be more open and happy. Apart of practical and aesthetic values such as creation of material objects (products, interiors, books, decorations etc), I see Art also as a tool to work with our mind, to clean it through forms and symbols and open to the non-materialistic dimension.


It is a classical black and white drawings technic series. A way to transmit a positive message in a playful form.

«SPACE ART» series is an original acrylic painting coming as 100 x 100 sm. I work with sacred geometry and use symbols from different cultures and times in my art work.

«DREAMLAND SERIES» DIGITAL ART «DREAMLAND» is an art series born combining different digital tools and art techniques. Here I use my photography, sketching, collaging etc to create original visual content.

«MAGIC WORLD SERIES» TRAVEL PHOTOGRAPHY «MAGIC WORLD» is a series of my photo shoots from visiting different countries and cultures. It shows the beauty of our world and its inhabitants.


Postcard – 5×5 Inches – (13×13 cm)

Wall art – 15.7×15.7 Inches – (40×40 cm)

For custom size prints and original wall painting – feel free to contact me.

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One of the quickest ways to freshen up a space is with wall art. Pop a print or two into frames and boom, instant upgrade. And it’s easier than ever now with a slew of sites that offer browsable artwork. These online shops allow you to discover original pieces from emerging artists as well as reprints from icons like Picasso and van Gogh. If you want your art framed, most sites offer the option for an additional charge, or you can buy one from your local craft supply or art store. Bonus: Most of these websites offer discount codes or free shipping.

When it comes to art, the word “print” can mean a lot of things. First, there’s the real deal: lithographs, woodcuts, screenprints, and the like. Even though a printmaker might’ve produced 20 editions of such a work—that’s the penciled-in 6/20 in the bottom corner you’ll sometimes see—they also had to make the plate, block, or screen that it came from and then manually print each edition on a press. Sometimes they even tediously tear their own paper to get those amazing unfinished edges! So each one of their “prints” is considered an original work of art, and you’ll have to pay for it accordingly. (This is why some original photography can be so expensive; you’re actually buying a “silver gelatin print” that was first shot on a camera and then carefully crafted in a dark room.) If you can afford this kind of print, they’re amazing pieces to display and collect and you’ll be supporting storied artforms in the process. But the other kind of print is one that’s specifically useful to know about if you’re decorating on a budget, though it sometimes gets a bad rap: the digital reproduction.

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Abstract art is a popular art form, where the exciting combinations of colours, shapes and patterns create unique encounters for the viewer. Abstract art is often described as non-figurative art, where the viewer gets to construct their own understanding and sense of the subject. This art form with its diverse combination of colours and shapes is a popular inclusion in a Scandinavian interior style to add some colour and expression in the home. If your home is already brimming with colour and contrasts, abstract art, which is more minimalist, can fit in perfectly!

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