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ALLY 🔑 ART ESTATE is creating and developing exclusive Real Estate projects. Transforming boring property into Masterpiece, that directly affects productivity, uplifts the value and improve human consciousness and lifestyle. Bringing together Real Estate, Interior Design, Branding and Art of Living. Building a Total work of Art for the better quality of life.

For private and public spaces: • Bars • Restaurants • Clubs • Shops • Hotels • Resorts • Offices • Beauty Salons • Villas and Apartments.

ECO: we work with natural and hight tech materials to create the Space.


1ST STEPIDENTIFYING THE NEED, RESEARCH AND QUOTATION. Meeting at the project location. Professional look at the potential and capabilities of the property. Building a Project quotation and looking for necessary skilled professionals, suppliers and workshops ready to produce any project’s layouts.

2ND STEP – CREATING A DESIGN VISION AND WORKING DOCUMENTATION. After accepting the Quotation and signing the contract, we make all necessary measurements and draw up an accurate measurement plan in 3D, on the basis of which the design project is formed. Looking for the best style and design solutions.

3RD STEP – PRODUCTION & INSTALLATIONS. Time to build your Dream Space! After Design Project is approved – we carefully select the construction company and workshops for each project particularly, depending on the project needs and budget. To achieve best quality, we control the construction part as well and time schedule. Making you free of all organization issues. With this complex approach we can be sure production is fully following Design Vision and timing.


Sketch project – 3d model visualization of Space Remodeling.

Technical project – *Measurement plan *Dismantling plan *Installation plan of the erected partitions *Floor and ceiling plan *Electrical plan (includes plan for the placement of sockets, switches, electrical leads and conclusions of low-voltage networks *Specification for all engineering networks (water supply, sewage, heating, ventilation) and sanitary equipment installation plan *Specifications of all materials and equipment, quantity and places of purchase *Furniture layout plan).


• Geometrical • Sacred Geometry • Constructivism • Minimalism • Modern Eclectic • Fusion • Hi-Tech • Organic • Fantasy • Classic • Ethnic • Rustic • Boho • Art Nouveau • Pop Art 


Home Staging

Custom furniture

Product Design



Project Management

Art Direction

Our services could be provided separately or like a Start Up pack, where we take care of all creative process and assist our clients from choosing a property to opening Doors of their business. 


If you need help to design your Space, send us e-mail or call. We will be happy to help you with project realization from conception to materialization. Since all our work is performed on custom basis, final price will depend on specific projects details. ✈ Worldwide. W/a +34 663 23 88 00