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“Creation is my passion.

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Ally is the founder and creative director at SPACE.CAT. She is a multidisciplinary artist, with strong industrial design education background. Established on fundamental principles of creation such as golden ratio, color and forms theory, she works beyond any particular tradition or style. Focusing on functionality and simplicity through the use of basic geometrical forms and patterns. Connecting experience of the past, todays vision and future technologies. Her formula is: “If you can design one thing, you can design everything. The point is not what to create, but the message behind it”. That is reflected in broad range of her art projects.

All our projects are unique. We build each one of them like a piece of art. Ally creates overall design project, unites the team and supervises. Thanks to the ability to conceptualize ideas, think visually and have a methodical approach to work, she can see the broader picture in mind and co-ordinate effectively. Together, drawn on everyone’s skills, experience and perspective – we are able to create products and services that all people want.

• STUDY: INDUSTRIAL AND PRODUCT DESIGN / Bauhaus, Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry / 2007 /// EXPERT IN MODERN ART / Moscow Institute of Contemporary Art / 2009

• AWARDS: FILM ART DIRECTION WORK / Shapito-Show movie, Moscow International film festival, 2011 /// CLUB START UP WORK / Time Out Design awards, Saint Petersburg, 2012

SPACE.CAT PRODUCTION © is a design studio working from 2003. We are open for collaboration with different artists and designers, who can form a creative team for incoming projects.

SPACECAT™ is a trademark patented in Spain in 2015. For distributors and shops: please feel free to contact us. We produce by order and shipp around the Globe.

ART GALLERY coming as: postcards 13x13 sm and big cards 40x40 sm

We believe that Art is the most powerful communicative language, one that serve people understand each other better, be more open and happy. Apart of practical and aesthetic value such as creation of material objects – books, illustrations, wall paintings, decorations etc, we see Art as also a powerful tool to work with our mind. To clean it throw forms and symbols and bring one more, not materialistic dimension to life.

SPACE.CAT art gallery represent 4 art discipline: drawing, painting, photography and digital art. All Art series comes like postcards, big cards or wall decor prints of any size by custom order. Each series starts from 12 peaces and will be expanded in time. We organize art exhibitions, life painting performances and private lessons. For any enquiries feel free to contact us.


Original black and white drawings series. We see it as a method to share knowledge and transmit a positive message through art in playful form.


SPACE ART is a original acrylic paintings coming as format 1 x 1 m. We work with sacred geometry and use symbols from different cultures and times in our art pieces.


Digital art is a combination of diverse art techniques processed with digital tools. Here we combine our photo material, collaging, sketching etc, to create original image content.

Magic world series travel photography

This series show beauty and variety of this World and its inhabitants. Here you can find our photo shoots from different countries and continents.


If you always wanted to draw or paint.. If your dream is to learn arts, we can help you with that! Ally is an practicing artist. She gives a private lessons for those who want to learn drawing, painting or other art technics. We create particular program and timing of the lessons, what fits better to each client.


Ally has a show format – life painting performance. It is an art event what we organize for different clubs and stages. Sometimes we invite one more artist from the host city to participate. Life painting is usually accompanied by art expo, gift shop, music, body art. Life painting is a colorful and remarkable performance that will make your event really special.


We are realizing original wall painting by custom order. Each paintings is unique, created for a particular client’s need. It radically transforms space to better, personalizing it. The paints we apply to a wall surface are multifunctional and can be used for interior and outdoor spaces. We use Latex protection rolled-on finishings to protect art and give it long life.



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