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I believe that Art is the most powerful communicative language, one that helps people to understand each other better, be more open and happy.

More then 20 years I am helping people from all over the world to materialize different art projects, such as book illustrations, posters, advertising images for print and web issues. To create an art peace I use different creative techniques and styles that better fit to project idea. Apart of practical and aesthetic values (such as creation of material objects), I also see art as a conscious tool to enter non-materialistic dimensions. Thats why I love to use Sacred Geometry universal principles of creation in my art work. For the benefit of all. I

Illustrations can be used for a wide range of digital and published products: magazines, posters, flyers, books, teaching materials, storyboards, animations etc. We use different art techniques such as: drawing, painting, collage, digital art etc to create art. Depending on the purpose illustration can be realized in expressive, realistic or highly technical way.


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If you need help to design your project, send me e-mail or call. I will be happy to help you with project realization. Worldwide. W/a +34 663 23 88 00